Working nonstop for 24 hours with a chatbot to boost sales.

Working nonstop for 24 hours with a chatbot to boost sales.

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps and websites, people are spending less time on their desktop computers. This has led to a shift in focus towards digital solutions that can be used on mobile devices. From virtual assistants like Siri to chatbots, we’re seeing more interactions through messaging services than ever before.  In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know about chatbots, why they are important, and how you can use them to improve your business. As the scope of what chatbots can do continues to grow and evolve, it’s only a matter of time before they become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. Read on to learn more!

The scenario of 24/7 service provision

The world we live in today is a digital one. It doesn't matter whether it's dark or light, whether it's night or day, or whether services are requested or given because we live in a digital world. Since conversational AI Chatbots work 24/7, they are used in work environments. Businesses that provide services around the clock have seen a significant increase in customer loyalty, productivity, and profitability as a result. This is why someone may drive late at night and be confident that he or she will find a fuel station open and ready to serve them. Furthermore, it's why someone can drive around looking for an ATM and withdraw money at the time of night. ATMs and gas stations may be used around the clock by us because we Neurotech Africa engineer Chatbots for businesses.

Despite some services being provided 24/7 they can be limited by physical obstacles and also be limited by climatic conditions, with such kind of obstacles a business affected should twist to a new modern approach to serve customers. As for Bank ATMs, they have to switch to using chatbots to enable their customers to send and receive money via their preferred communication channels and also use the Chatbots to send business campaign messages and answer questions posed by customers.

What do you lose when you do not serve 24/7?

- Your business loses customers.

Your business will lose more than 50% of the customers because they want reliable services. And the reliable services they probably want are provided by other brands and companies 24/7. Don’t wait until your business loose customers get an AI Chatbot from Neurotech Africa.

- Your business loses trust.

If you can serve customers during the day then the day, why don’t you also serve during the night? Customers may raise such kinds of questions about your business. Some will even conclude that your services or products are not effective and original. Hence, they lose trust in your business as they compare to other businesses and brands. As the result, the run out of your business. How trustful is your business?

- Business and employee productivity declines.

The productivity of a business that operates in just a day cannot be compared to a business that operates in b day and night. A business that serves 24/7 has the highest rates of productivity, this is why most businesses are switching to AI Chatbots so that they can be available 24 hours all day of the week.

What will businesses gain when they serve 24/7?

- Your business will gain a positive reputation.

A positive reputation is a positive review by customers on your services and products, it is when people praise your services and even shout out your business names in the rooms of opportunities. A business having a positive reputation has great positive advantages over your other business competitors, read our previous article on how to create a positive customer reputation in your business. So, when your business is serving 24/7 its reputation will be positive

- Your business will save 15 – 70% of the operational costs.

On a normal basis when you prefer to serve customers 24/7 you will probably have to employ sufficient human agents who can work by shift day a night. And you will probably have to pay them equivalently. But when it comes to the new fashionable way of serving customers is the Chatbot way, you will have to only pay once for a Chatbot that comes with a variety of functionalities and options to serve customers 24/7 on behalf of the human agents. Thus, chatbots from Neurotech will save your business operational costs.

- Improve employee satisfaction.

Happy and satisfied employees

As employees are just humans, they are affected by different factors, and they are driven by moods, this means even if they’ll have to work during the night they will not be productive sometimes. This is why businesses should now invest in using AI Chatbots to serve customers and they are probably of great help to the employees. Basic routine tasks can be automatically completed by AI-enabled chatbots, allowing employees to perform more high-value and meaningful work. And also the chatbots as they are intelligent will help provide support to employees on how to best support the customers, Share sales leads recommendations with employees, allowing them to better achieve their sales targets. What’s the satisfaction level of your employees?

- Your business will increase customer acquisition capacity.

Working all days of the week and all the times increases the rate of customers served in a day. If without a chatbot you can serve 50 customers per day, then with a chatbot you can serve now serve more than 500 customers per day. Not only serving many customers per day, but also offering customers personal personalized, recommendations, and content more likely to meet their needs also radicalizing up and down to always serve new customers in a cost-efficient manner. What’s your customer acquisition capacity?

- Your business will establish positive customer relationships.

Customer relationship refers to how you relate to customers. Serving 24/7 establishes positive customer relationships that your brand, business, or company, will be able to be approached by any customer anywhere and anytime because it has Chatbots that are very welcoming and work on basis of the customer care field.

- Your business will reduce the customer’s wait time, and no more queues

The value of your business can be measured by the rate at which customers get services, and how long they wait to get services. When your business is operating 24/7 by using chatbots from us Neurotech Africa there will be no more waiting for your customers.

How to operate a business 24/7

After seeing what your business loses and what it gains when it operates 24/7, then here is the key secret to how to operate 24/7.

- Invest in conversational AI/chatbot technology.

To match with current global trends there is now a way to escape using chatbots, otherwise, if a chatbot is not used in your business then you will not be available 24/7 and you will eventually be behind your competitors

Invest in chatbot technology to gain all the business benefits that every business is getting with chatbots. Request a demo chatbot of your specific industry via

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