Sarufi Ai use case for web developers

Sarufi Ai use case for web developers

Hi there, in this article, let's spill facts on why it is important to use sarufi chatbots for your customers. Creators of sarufi meant for the platform to be developers friendly. So let's talk to developers, Yes you developers let's go

This is important since knowing the intentions of any tool is the first step to use that tool effectively

Sarufi is a conversational artificial intelligence platform that allow its users to create and consume chatbots. These chatbots can be accessed directly from the platform Playground, or you can integrate it to your website and use it from there.

This tool can be used easily in several fields like Marketing, Customer service, Documentation and Simple explainers.

We write a lot of How-To articles to explain how to use this magical platform, but most developers does not see a direct use case for the chatbots, and some even see it as added complexity to the heavy lifting they have to do for their customers.

Without further a due, let's start investigating these use-cases and advantages of using sarufi in the products you are creating for your clients

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1: Customer service

This is one among the most important department in any business whether it is a small shop or a conglomerate. This is a point of contact of all businesses to their customers. To a serious programmer, here is a break or make point for their customers. Here are few things that Sarufi can help you with

a:- Automate frequently asked questions. Since we know that often customers questions start becoming similar around the service or product they need, It is important that the website you produce have capabilities of answering questions from a knowledge base given by the company, and knowledge that the company can keep updating in a simple-to-use dashboard provided by Sarufi and remember all this is free.

b:- Simplify repetitive tasks from employees, this can be achieved by deploying Sarufi chatbot to handle easy to teach repetitive tasks that are frequently requested by your client customers. This includes giving directions, placing orders, calculating order prices and navigate balancing customer's budget so to sell more and bring more profit.

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2:- Marketing

The money department, here is where we do awareness, showcase products, onboard and influence customers. This is a representation of your customer's brand. Integrating Sarufi chatbots to this department simplify and automate campaigns, research and other tools for effective marketing.

This department deals with a lot of matrices, and remainders to meet required targets. A programmer can integrate Sarufi to assist in these task easily by using newly introduced features to teach, answer and challenge understanding on what should go online with easily accessible metrics to back it up.

Let's talk about a very vivid example. Customers onboarding this process is tidies and involves a lot of back and froth between a service provider and the customer. Process that can be automated by a chatbot. Just do this, upload the image of your payment plans and methods that you receive payment. Then your done let the chatbot handle your customers like you only never sleeps, don't get tired or any other human aspects, this allows you and the staff to focus on more creative ways to market your products.

These are some of the departments that can benefit directly from Sarufi chatbot. Here are some other generic use cases

Creating explainers for new products and services, this allows more time to focus on creating for customers.

Monitoring churn rate and follow up on leaving customers. Churn rate is the amount of customers leaving or opting out of a service or product. While metrics are monitored by staff, they can instruct chatbots to set remainders on contacting, or directly contacting customers to find what was the problem.

I will leave it here today. Let's continue this conversation on X @emmasenzota. And keep using new features that were integrated less than a month ago. Keep being creative and do great things.