What is Sarufi?

Welcome to this insightful article about our internal tool for building conversational experience for business.

What is Sarufi?

Sarufi is a conversational AI platform for building conversational experience solutions. It is a simple and intuitive API plus a rich set of features to make your bot more engaging.

Sarufi | Conversational AI

Why Sarufi?

Our vision is with sarufi to democratize natural language processing tools around African languages in one unified easy-to-use API for developers which doesn't necessarily require you to have any previous knowledge in machine learning or natural language processing.

We have started our journey by building a platform that makes it easier for developers to develop chatbots or conversational experiences but we are looking forward to supporting all kinds of natural language processing tasks through this API, One step at a time, please stay tuned.

Source: sarufi.io

With Sarufi, you can easily build conversational artificial intelligence or chatbots to engage and communicate with customers.

Interesting components of Sarufi:

Sarufi can handle all the heavy lifting of building a conversational bot, including intent detection, entity recognition, natural language understanding, and intent fulfillment.  


You don't need to worry about the details like how the bot is trained, how it is deployed, or how it is used in production anymore and you can focus on building your bot.

Start using Sarufi:

Now our platform is open and free for developers across the world to build their first conversational artificial intelligence solutions using Sarufi APIs.

To start using Sarufi API follow these steps:

  • Step number one:  Visit the Sarufi.io website.
  • Step number two:  Signup by creating an account on the get started Sarufi io page. Here there are two options: creating an account with google which is direct and doesn't require verification.
Source: sarufi.io registration with google

After creating an account check your inbox for the email used in account creation. All the instructions and credentials will be in the email.

Source: sarufi.io, email response with Sarufi API credentials 

The second option involves using email and password, this requires verification, and after you will receive an email with sarufi API credentials.

Source: sarufi.io registration with an email

Then, you will receive an email for account verification.

Source: sarufi.io

After verifying your account, check your inbox for the email used in account creation. All the instructions and credentials will be in the email.

Source: sarufi.io
  • Step number three: Now is time to install Sarufi by pip install sarufi.
# install sarufi
pip install sarufi

For those who already installed our previous version please remember to upgrade the sarufi version through pip install --upgrade sarufi.

#upgrading sarufi
pip install --upgrade sarufi

Now after installing Sarufi you can start your journey of building realistic conversational AI solutions. For now, we only support Python SDK with more language supports coming soon, Also in case you will be interested in contributing your language-based SDK please open an issue or you can email me directly at developers@neurotech.africa.

Please visit sarufi official documentation to learn more about the integration.

Happy to share this with you, You can also view and test sample bots built entirely with Sarufi on the sarufi playground webpage.

Sarufi Playground
User testing enviroment for Sarufi bots

Sarufi playground is the platform where you get to experience the interaction of the chatbot you built and other forks' work. Then you can share with a colleague to try out the chatbot you built.