Sarufi Updates

Sarufi Updates
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Habari! Sarufi just brought a tonne new features and today we will explore them. No time to waste, let's get right into it.

Choose Your Training Model

Sarufi's engineering team has given us the ability to select our model of choice. You can now choose one of the following models:

  • Text Davinci:

    • text-davinci-002
    • text-davinci-003
  • GPT 3.5:

    • default gpt-3.5: The regular ChatGPT
    • gpt-3.5 with 16k tokens: ChatGPT but with 4 times the context length
  • GPT 4:

    • default gpt-4: The regular GPT 4
    • gpt-4 with 32k tokens: GPT 4 but with 4 times the context length
  • Open Source Models:

    • Falcon 40B: An open source model trained on 40 billion parameters
    • Llama-2: An open source model trained on 2 trillion tokens

    It should be noted that the open source models are not active at the time of writing

Generate Suggestions With A Single Click

You can now create suggestive questions using a single click. The button will generate questions based on users previous interactions with your chatbot. This feature will keep users engaged and informed and conversations with your chatbot will seem natural.

Auto Generate Intent Phrases

Those who create chatbots using intents and flows can now automatically generate intent phrases for their chatbot. This will save them a lot of time and effort.

Other Updates

There are a few other updates other than the ones we mentioned above. Here are some of them:

Minimizing The Banner

Some users found the Sarufi banner large and as such we minimized the header to make it less intrusive and to give users more screen space.

Seemless Selection Of Bot Industry

Now when you create a chatbot with Sarufi, you will be provided with a list of common industries that will suit your chatbot's needs.

Adjusting Login Timeframe

Sarufi has adjusted the login timeframe to make it easier for users to log into their chatbots.

We appreciate what Sarufi is doing to improve the platform and we celebrate every achievement, big or small. Of course you can provide suggestions on how we can make the platform even better by reaching out to me and we will make sure that your suggestions are listened to and worked on.