How you can conquer a negative business reputation and reclaim your reputation

How you can conquer a negative business reputation and reclaim your reputation

What is business reputation?

Business reputation is the status of your business to how good or bad it is upon the provision of goods and services. It is what customers or consumers comment/talk about your business, comments may be good if your customer is satisfied with your services, and also the comments may be bad if your customers are not satisfied with your services. Hence, creating either a negative or positive business reputation. It is also a customer’s review of your business.

How do you know your business has a negative reputation?

In the world of mobile applications, the Google play store, and AppStore give access to the users of the application to rate the application and write a review on the application. The level of stars the application is rated will reflect the level of satisfaction the customers have got from the application, and also the kind of comments that the user of the application will write will reflect the satisfaction level of the customer. Generally, this reflects the kind of reputation your application has, thus this applies also in real-life businesses. Customers use their local way to review and rate your business regarding the kind of service that they got on your business.

Your business has been considered to have a bad reputation when you get no response, get bad/poor comments/reviews, or get lots of customer complaints about your services. When a customer wants a service, and you provide that service, a customer's reaction will reflect either the positive or negative reputation your business has. Some of the complaints that you can get are like "What the f*ck, you delay giving us services", "I don't like the way you are addressing my issue", and "I wanted to make payments yesterday at 11 AM, but I couldn't". So, you probably have come across such complaints or any other related complaints concerning your services. These comments are negative and they directly portray that you have a negative business reputation.

How do you know your business has a positive reputation?

Also, with a single sentence, a positive business reputation is when you get many responses and inquiries with positive comments and reviews on your services. These responses will be accompanied by smiles and lots of thankful comments from the customers. Customers will love your brand name and recommend your business to others and you will probably see a rise in customers each day.

Why is it hard for human agents to create a positive business reputation?

Human agents cannot work 24/7, but your customers want services 24/7.

In this scenario, who then should work 24/7? Should you employ more humans to work by shift on the days and nights? Even if you employ more human agents to work on shifts, humans are just humans their affectivity and productivity at night are hindered by many human factors and also it will be led to an increase in operational costs since you have to pay those humans who work both in nights and afternoons.

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Human agents are controlled by feelings and moods.

In this scenario, a customer care agent as a human may attend to a customer depending on the mood that has woken up as it is said Humans are just humans. Despite human agents as customer care agents being taught how to handle their moods and not to affect the customers, they will still not apply what they have been taught. Due, to human-agent moods being bad like being stressed and upset they can provide poor, upsetting, and ineffective customer service. Hence causing customers to create a poor and bad reputation for the business. This could also be one of the reasons you lost customers.

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Human agents are not quick and not effective.

Since customers prefer quick and effective services, then they deserve to get it. Unfortunately, human agents are not quick to work on customers’ requests. For example, calling customer care agents may take up to 5 min if a call is not picked up, and when the call is picked up still the customer will not get exactly what was intended. Through this scenario, a customer will probably put a negative review on the business and will likely shift to an alternative business. This is also the reason why you lost customers.

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Human agents cannot multitask.

Humans cannot hold more than one task at the same time. They will have to finish dealing with one customer and then deal with another customer. This leads to long lines and customers stay long in lines. Probably customers don’t prefer standing in lines for a long time. This creates a negative business reputation for your business.


Human agents use limited language(s)

Most human agents use specific language to deal with customers. But customers don’t speak the same language. Some know Swahili and some know English. What happens when a customer who speaks English wants services from a business and the human agent does not understand English? Miscommunication will lead to creating a negative reputation and the business will be biased toward a particular group of customers who speak one supported language.

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Human agents are limited to resources and they are guided to only specific roles.

According to research, 57% of customer care agents are employed to receive calls and note down the problems reported but not solve the problems reported. Business owners have employed customer care agents to receive calls, for example when a customer faces an entire technical problem and he/she reports it to a customer-care agent, he/she will be told to keep on hold or told to try again later, unfortunately, a customer is left behind without a solution. Hence, this scenario directly causes/leads to negative business reputations and it is also the reason why you lost customers and your business is declining.

How do chatbots create a positive business reputation?

The rise of chatbots has come as a savior of many declining businesses, as the reasons above show how human agents are causing a negative business reputation. Whatever a human agent can do in a business a Chatbot can do double and more.

Chatbots work 24/7, probably your customers want services 24/7.

Have you ever dreamed of serving 24/7 like how ATMs do? Then using a Chatbot in your business is the way forward to make that dream come true. Chatbots work 24/7 not just like those human agents, when they are deployed on WhatsApp, Website, Messenger, or any other platform they will just serve customers at any time. Chatbots for banks will perform tasks like answering FAQs, withdrawing money, sending money, paying bills, and more money banking transactions.

Chatbots don’t have bad moods, they are always happy and welcoming.

One good thing about chatbots is that they are always welcoming, making a customer calm down and creating comfortability to address the problem. Chatbots adhere to all the customer-care basics. When a customer comes across a Chatbot he/she will leave a positive review and rate the business with five stars.

Chatbots are always quick and very effectively

Try using Chatbots as your alternative customer-care agents, since they are characterized to be quick and accurate when serving customers. Within a fraction of seconds when you text Chatbot it replies instantly and kindly asks you “What can I help you”. In just a few minutes a Chatbot will be able to understand customers’ intentions and give them appropriate and effective solutions. This scenario creates a positive business reputation and is the reason why most top businesses are elevated.

Chatbots are multilingual, they understand any language.

You probably have customers who speak different languages. With chatbots from us Neurotech Africa, any language can be used. When a customer speaks the Swahili language our chatbots can understand Swahili and serve the customer with his/her needs. See below an illustration of a conversation of a customer with our Mwalimu Bank Chatbot. With your business having a Chatbot that can understand any language, it creates a positive business reputation.

A swahili chatbot a bank

Chatbots can serve thousands of customers at the same time, they can multitask.

It is only possible with Chatbots from us Neurotech to handle thousands of customers at the same time. Calculate the costs that you use to employ human agents to save thousands of customers, and compare to the little costs that you will use when you deploy a Chatbot. This brings you a high authority over your competitors and thus creates a positive business reputation.

Chatbots are not limited to resources

Chatbots provide all the required resources to the customers when requested. Chatbots from us Neurotech can perform online searches on the relevant resources that you probably want. Hence this creates a positive business reputation.

Now you have the ways to create a positive business reputation, and you have known that using chatbots from us Neurotech is the only way your business will elevate with positive reviews, then be free to book a demo bot from us.

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