How can neurotech Africa transform your business with Conversational AI

In this article, we will explain how our conversational AI solutions can impact the growth of your business and value creation

How can neurotech Africa transform your business with Conversational AI
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How does Neurotech use Conversational AI?

We build custom conversational solutions to help businesses improve their customer experiences and services with our internal tool, which goes by the name Sarufi. The best thing about our solution we use Natural Language Processing to provide a more conversational approach to customer service and a deeper understand of the context of what people say depending on the industry of the business.

As per use-case, our approaches differ depending on the customer specifications.
With our conversational AI solutions, you can get access to incredibly intelligent control of the market of your business without needing to invest the time, money, and resources to train to build the solutions with the internal team.

Our solutions can be deployed across a range of platforms starting with a website if you have, social platforms like WhatsApp, telegram, Instagram, and Facebook messenger. This can depend on where the client prefers to host their business.
At Neurotech, we offer full support of our solutions from our talented team to make sure that our clients' businesses benefit from what we offer. This helps make sure you’re getting the most value out of a conversational AI solution for your business.

How can Neurotech transform your business?

Our experts and Sarufi engine provide fast and easy deployment of solutions. With our solution, we transform everything into a custom experience that will help your business to save costs and increase revenue, understand what is missing from your product's service, and keep in touch with your customers.

Through user interaction with your business, you will be able to know better what works and what not working without using extreme effort.

This is a more comfortable transformation simply because the service will be available 24/7 without paying any additional costs to employees, and customers able to instantiate conversation in their natural languages.
This can be achieved through a couple of steps:-

  • Our team of experts will work with the client to determine the requirements and the efficient way the conversational experience will be integrated into the business.
  • Then, we work on building the solution considering training models to act upon the inputs provided by consumers with continuous reviews of the results.
  • In the final, we deploy the solution and offer to support and consulting services to our clients.

What are the benefits of conversational AI solutions?

  • Personalize customer experience:- Businesses can provide a more personalized experience to both existing customers and potential clients by using conversational AI (such as chatbots) to create a deeper level of interactivity and familiarity with the brand.
  • Improving marketing experience:- Conversational AI helps to improve marketing by creating a better experience for each customer, based on their needs and desires.
    A more convenient mode of communication because of the combination of various functionalities would make it convenient for customers across multiple channels.
  • Cost-effective:- Depending on their learnings and training techniques, they reduce the requirement of human resources to answer customer queries. They are also proficient in handling multiple chats simultaneously with accuracy.
  • Enhance Operations beyond borders:- Expand business outreach to the potential population.
  • Self-evolving platforms from experience:- conversational AI learn from their experiences. The more they interact with human beings, the more quickly their intelligence improves. Also learn from any existing data, such as customer databases and previous customer interactions. Clever Conversational Interfaces learn from their mistakes just as human beings do. They take note of what questions the customers ask and what kinds of responses seem to be informative. They try new approaches until they find a way that is both effective and efficient.
  • Insights driven:- Conversational solutions make effective use of analytics, which essentially helps in gleaning data and information from outside the organization. A mix of both internal and external data can be a great advantage.
  • Round-the-clock support:- Conversational AI can provide real-time customer assistance. This means that businesses can address customer queries and complaints as they occur, significantly improving customer satisfaction. Provide 24/7 client support, so existing and potential customers can try and solve their problems after work hours and on weekends.
  • Fast-paced communication:- can help businesses provide quicker and more efficient customer service. This is because chatbots can handle a large number of customer inquiries simultaneously. They can also route customers to the right agent, which reduces the wait time, and works 24/7/365, a huge advantage for businesses. Properly programmed chatbots are always polite and their behavior does not depend on the mood.

Conversational AI solutions are not perceived as a human replacement but rather as human augmentation, enhancing easier access to business both internally and externally.

Get in touch with Neurotech’s team to discover how you can benefit from our conversational solutions to boost your business, the time is now to leverage benefits from Artificial intelligence Technology.