East African Developer Survey

East African Developer Survey
Photo by Lukas Blazek / Unsplash

Jordan and I were discussing on what stack should we prioritize for Sarufi AI tools and content. Should we focus more on Python or PHP? What about Javascript or C#? What are the most popular languages used in the region?

We quickly realized that not that much data exists about the developer landscape in our region. Hence the survey was born.

What are the most popular languages used in Tanzania? What are the most popular databases? How many programmers work professionally vs hobbyists? How many are employed in a company vs those who freelance?

All these questions are crucial for quite a number of reasons. We will outline some of them here and show why it is important for every developer, junior and senior, to take the survey.

The collected information will allow us to identify trends and patterns. We will get to know the most popular programming languages, identifying most popular tools, databases and what technologies are used by professionals vs hobbyists.

We get to learn what stacks are the most popular in our region which will help us with staying up to date with the latest trends

Career development

Knowing the trends can guide us into making informed career decisions, helping us know what to learn, what to pivot to, what jobs are popular and so on

Knowing industry standards

Through the survey we will get know the experience levels of developers, what tools they use and the salary ranges. This will help us understand where we stand in the industry

Education level

Knowing this will help us understand the average education levels of especially experienced developers, and whether certifications such as bachelors are requirements to get into the industry.

There are many more reasons that can be listed, but overall you partaking in this survey will benefit everyone in the software community.

The results of course will be made public after we close the survey on the end of December. Our goal is to make these surveys annually. Feedback on the way we are conducting this survey is more than welcome.

Kindly share the survey with others, and encourage developers to partake in this survey. It is the start of something great and in the end will benefit us all.

PS: This is the link to the survey: https://opnform.com/forms/developer-survey-for-african-developers-89xtyh